Mar 19, 2013

Music Video Roundup: Compuphonic, Django Django

Belgian producer Compuphonic's 'Sunset' (Ft. Marques Toliver) got an awesome stop motion based treatment from the Lisbon based Salon Alpin creative collective. Built with an unmistakably retro-synth pumped foundation, Sunset is a blast to the past. And on a related note, Compuphonic has one of the best websites I've ever seen, emulating the look of the very first Apple operating system, OS1. Check it.

Despite indie rockers Django Django having had a meteoric rise to success in 2012 with their self titled debut album, they made a rather interesting mistake of making their music video overshadow their understated track, 'Wor.' Featuring a look at the gravity defying Well of Death Riders from Allahabad, India..The documentary style approach to the music video nearly drowns the track completely out. However, it's commendable for it's experimental approach.

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