Mar 29, 2013

Judge Minty: The Nearest We'll Get To A Dredd Sequel

The Awesome-Robo staff has varying tastes from a number of different perspectives. But one thing we all agreed on last year was that one of the most entertaining action films of last year was the adaptation of the 2000AD comic: Dredd. We talked about the film a lot on our Podcast, and despite a huge boost from social media sites during the home media release, we had the revelation this week that a Dredd sequel seemed unlikely. Luckily though, we have one fan made Dredd inspired film to keep us occupied till the franchise eventually gets rebooted. Although I couldn't see why they'd bother to do that with the latest version.

This short film is scripted by frequent 2000 AD contributor Michael Carroll and adapts the storyline made famous by John Wagner and Mike McMahon published in the 2000 AD comic in 1980. The film actually has appeared at a number of film festivals with large critical acclaim, but it wasn't until the official 2000 AD site brought it to my attention that I caught wind of this project. The production team has announced that it will be free to watch on streaming sites Youtube or Vimeo between April or May, and if you are a fan of the franchise I would highly recommend checking it out.

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