Feb 21, 2013

Worth Checking Out: Surgery Simulator 2013

Steam's Greenlight has definitely empowered quite a few developers to let their craziest come to fruition, and Surgeon Simulator is one of the most unintentionally hilarious games to come out of that movement. Narrating the story of an everyday ordinary guy called 'Nigel Burke,' you are tasked with performing various life saving surgeries on people..Using only one hand tasked to QWERT keys and a mouse. This game was created over the course of a 48 hour marathon.

The video below features Robbaz taking the proof of concept game for a spin, resulting in a rather humorous heart transplant with irreversible consequences. Who needs lungs, right? With a charm akin to QWOP, I'd definitely throw my support behind seeing this game fully fleshed out with more scenarios, settings and of course, tools. Check out their Greenlight page here for more details.


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