Feb 25, 2013

Worth Checking Out: Moonbot Studio's The Golem


It isn't everyday an Oscar award winning animation studio takes a step into the realm of video games, but Moonbot Studios looks to be doing just that. While the studio has released titles for iOS in the past, The Golem is a title that seems to be taking the studio's skills five steps further.

Proving that narrative is equally as important as style, Moonbot Studios sets out to create an emotional world filled with deep character connection and a level of player interaction that I rarely see in games. Along with what sounds to be beautiful game design is a classic yet beautiful art style that sets the time and tone of The Golem.

Players take control of the Golem, in a sense a complete role reversal of the PS2's Shadow of The Collosus (a title which instantly comes to mind). From whats been planned thus far, each leg will be controlled individually, giving players the opportunity to grow their skills along with the Golem as it comes to terms with it's own creation.

Moonbot Studios has included a recent update showcasing some of their game mechanics on their Kickstarer which you can view and fund over here. For a donation of $15 you're guaranteed a copy of the game which already seems worth it, but I suggest seeing for yourself

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