Feb 14, 2013

Wildstar - Meet The Dominion

Carbine Studios' Wildstar continues to perplex me with it's interesting direction. Aside from it's very appealing, highly stylized art direction, the developers are layering some really interesting gameplay on top of the traditional class system, called 'paths.' This path system will offer interesting perks based off your preferred style of gameplay, rewarding players who prefer combat over say, exploration. In a way it's similar to how Guild Wars 2 asked questions during character creation to customize your play experience, but it's shaping up to be a little more in depth.

The latest promo video offers some truly charming, amazingly well animated goodness, offering a perspective on the world of Wildstar through the eyes of a rather villainous sounding Dominion officer, dropping hints about races and some motivations behind colonizing the galaxy. It looks like the folks at Carbine have put a great deal of thought into fleshing out their world, and we really look forward to learning more about this universe. Wildstar has yet to receive a release date, but we're hoping to get a chance to play it sometime in 2013.

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