Feb 28, 2013

The Striking Illustrations Of Carlos Lerma

Carlos Lerma is a CancĂșn based illustrator currently employed with Golpeavisa, a graphic design/illustration/art direction studio specializing in advertising work. On his free time though, Lerma focuses on creating truly amazing tribute and personal pieces, incorporating his visually stimulating, saturated style. His Saint Seiya anime (80's anime based off Zodiac signs) tribute above is an awesomely composed piece, incorporating the distinct personalities and elemental alignments of the main protagonists in one tight image.

The emphasis on highly graphic, angular shapes and elevated saturation is reminiscent of a modern interpretation of cubism, a style incorporating reassembled interpretations of subjects. Unlike most cubists though, Lerma emphasizes containing this deconstruction and reassembly inside shapes, with the exception of a few pieces. With his colorful style and bold compositions, this is yet another example of what we've come to dub as 'visual caffeine.' Check out more of his awesome illustrations after the break.


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