Feb 6, 2013

The Art Of Studio Blink Twice

Studio Blink Twice is the result of a collaboration between two UK based brothers, Lorenzo (Art) and Robin Etherington (Writer). The two have been collaborating since 2003, cranking out a ton of original comics as well as comic tie ins for franchises including Transformers, Terminator, Wallace and Gromit and numerous others, with other clients including companies like Dreamworks, Simon and Schuster and Lucasarts.

Lorenzo's art style definitely reminded me of a mix between Jamie Hewlitt's work (Tank Girl, Gorillaz), and a few scattered influences, including that of Hergé (Tintin). Basically, a kickass combination resulting in pushed, colorful stylized designs and characters with a ton of personality make up the studios body of work. Check out more samples of their portfolio after the break!

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