Feb 5, 2013

TERA: Rising Is Now F2P

I should probably just come out and say that after being burned by countless MMO's in the past I've become somewhat callous to new releases. When I see something even remotely interesting it generally ends with me stating, "I'll wait for when it's free to play." When all but one MMO has proven that it can last, it's really difficult to justify putting money into a title that's almost destined to be free within the year. Still, even if the game wasn't capable of dethroning the now mythical World of Warcraft, it is still possible for the game to be equally enjoyable if not more so. Recently, TERA (which launched earlier in 2012) provided new players with a free trial allowing for a brief taste of what the game is all about. I jumped at the chance for a free game, especially after the recent announcement of a F2P client coming within a month, and found myself really enjoying the game.

Before you say, "Wow, if Chris likes it then I'll probably like it too!" I must warn you, this game is incredibly heavy on generic MMO quests (fetch 5 of these, kill 10 of those, craft 3 butts, etc.) but that isn't where this game shines, it's the combat. TERA has probably some of the most fun "skill based" combat I have ever gotten to use in an MMO. Each attack feels incredibly fluid, giving each weapon a feeling of weight without being too slow. PVP battles actually feel like battles, and each win or defeat is based on your own gaming capabilities.

While the characters are described by a few of my friends and coworkers as anime as f*ck, the game sports some incredible creature design and some truly awe inspiring set pieces. TERA is actually one of the few MMOs where I'm excited to get to the new area only to see what crazy monsters I might stumble upon next.

The game is now officially released under the name TERA: Rising, giving players complete access to the game's content (honestly, I feel like this is a little too generous). If you have been looking for something new to give a spin on, TERA: Rising might be right up your alley. For a complete breakdown of the content included in the game hit the jump or just head over to their website and download it here.

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