Feb 15, 2013

Music Video Roundup : Mouth, Pissed Jeans, Coldcut, Indian Wells, WIXIW

Quite a lack of music videos this week, but let's make up for that with a roundup. The recent stream of submissions has brought us some truly bizarre, amazing tracks and remixes, coupled with some even more baffling music videos. In order:

  • Niel Cicieraga took it upon himself to create the most disturbing rendition of Smash Mouth's groan inducing Hey Now, You're A Rockstar I've probably ever heard, reducing the typically saccharine track into a primal fever dream, complete with nightmarish distorted Shrek visuals. Prepare yourself mentally, it's mesmerizing and absolutely incredible.
  • Pissed Jeans' Bathroom Laughter fulfills our fantasy of watching those annoying late night shovelware hawkers get a taste of their own medicine. Consider it a cathartic treatment for years spent desperately wading through adtopia at 3AM for some quality programming. Director Joe Stakun makes them feel our pain.
  • Wimbledon 1980 by Indian Wells was crafted both visually and aurally using vintage footage from they heyday of Wimbledown. A downtempo look at a golden age long gone, directed by Italian director Valentina Dell'Aquila.
  • Coldcuts The State We're In is a re-release from the English music duo's 2006 album, 'Sound Mirrors.' Japanese Salarymen become the medium for delivering messages about breaking out of conformity and standing up.
  • Experimental rock trio WXIW deliver a dark, abstract turn into a world of frustration, a player unable to land that slam dunk, perhaps a reflection of the bands own turbulent development over the years.

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