Feb 19, 2013

AJ Hateley's Thirty Days Of Gaming Project

UK based illustrator A.J. Hateley set out to create an original set of tribute pieces to some of the best gaming franchises out there, and knocked it out of the park. Mixing her specialization in illustration for publishing and love of videogames, A.J. created a series of truly clever, subtle book covers dubbed as the Thirty Days Of Videogames Project.

Whereas many other illustrators typically slap the name of the game on their illustrations, you truly have to appreciate A.J.'s more indirect approach, capturing the essence of each game and encapsulating them into a single image and a few words. This series kind of made me wonder about how much work and thought goes into coming up with a book cover, and awakened a new appreciation for the illustrators and designers involved in such a process. Check out a few more samples from her set after the break. These designs can be purchased over on her Redbubble page for those inclined.

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