Jan 3, 2013

The Disney Mecha-Destroyer : Tamashii Nations Chogokin!

Bandai just recently sent us an updated press release in regards to the absolutely cracked out, yet irresistible concept of turning the most famous Disney characters into a giant Voltron-style robot. Known as Chogokin King Robo : Mickey And Friends (Chogokin is a company well known for it's diecast robot toys), this behemoth of a toy started off it's life online as what many assumed to be a well made knockoff (Like the Thomas The Tank Engine robo) before Bandai confirmed it as an actual product.

The King Robo consists of 6 Disney characters with their own terrain specialty: Jet Mickey, Sky Minnie, Land Goofy, Dive Donald, Aqua Daisy, Dash Pluto & Kennel and Ace Willie. And as weapons of choice? The mecha comes with the Dream Stick and Magical Mirror. All together the entire figure will stand about 220 mm tall (8.7 inches) assembled and run for around ¥11,520 ($131) when it's launched in March. If you're interested, I'd recommend pre-ordering now but I know for a fact that these types of team ups rarely occur, especially considering how selectively protective Disney usually is in regards to their characters. Anyone remember what happened to Runaway Brain, whereas the Kingdom Hearts franchise got a free pass?

Check out the newly released promo video for the mech below, and high res images of all the characters after the break! You can preorder the figure over at HobbyLink Japan.

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