Jan 3, 2013

Radio the Universe: A Kickstarter You Should Fund

To put it bluntly, Radio the Universe is absolutely gorgeous with some of the best pixel art I've seen to date. While some may be tired of the seemingly overused trope of indie developers and their love for pixel art, Radio the Universe is not a title you want to miss out on.

Developer 6e6e6e states that, "with Radio the Universe, I want to create something beautiful, melancholy, and evocative. A game that, of course, is fun to play, but also imparts a special, maybe surreal, experience to the player. I want to make a game with personality. A game that can feel a bit "off" explaining the heavy Yume Nikki vibe.

Sitting at a healthy $40,000, Radio the Universe has more than doubled it's intended goal leaving 20 more days for extra funding. Hit the jump for some in-game shots and concept art and then hurry your ass over to the Kickstarter page and get to kicking. I also suggest checking out some of the game's sample tunes while you're there as well.

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