Jan 31, 2013

The Avengers - Concept Art By Phil Saunders

Though the film was released last year (and the world has moved onto the next big superhero film rumour) it's hard to deny the impact the Avengers had on cinema. It was a fun filled film with some of the best CGI in recent memory (Check out the ILM VFX reel if you haven't already, it fooled quite a few of us), especially as a comic fan. It's always interesting seeing each concept artists take on a certain idea, and what the art directors eventually end up going with as the final design. As a collective effort, this process of pooling from a large number of artists in an iterative fashion has always worked out well for studios that dedicate to the full process. We have featured a number of pieces from the film before and each one just gets more impressive.

Concept artist Phil Saunders just recently released some great concepts he created for The Avengers. Phil worked early on to create sketches and develop designs for the Leviathan, Quinjet, Helicarrier and Iron Man’s MK7 suit.  Check them out after the break!

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