Jan 21, 2013

The Amazing World Of Gumball - The Proof Of Concept

Ben Bocquelet just recently uploaded a proof of concept trailer for The Amazing World Of Gumball, a Cartoon Network show that impressed many with it's usage of a mixed media approach to bring each character to life, ranging from 3D, stop motion and hand drawn characters. Fun fact: The show developed it's hodgepodge visual style via Ben's idea to throw a dozen rejected commercial characters from other projects he'd worked on into a common setting.

The appealing show has done well since it's debut in 2011, garnering favorable reviews and a slew of awards including BAFTA, Annecy and Annie awards. The show is currently scheduled for it's third season sometime in late 2013. Check out some of William Laborie's character designs for the show after the break! (A lot more on his website)

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