Jan 24, 2013

Michigan's Real Life 'Wayne's World'

Nick and J.B. are two Michigan based public access entertainers who've been running their show 'Hot Tracks' for years. I recently stumbled upon the two's videos on a late night and couldn't help but watch every video that has ever been posted about the guys. While some have been quick to point out that the two have Acute Autism and that it's unfair to laugh at the two, I found it completely irrelevant.

These guys are genuinely hilarious, and the way they joke is unlike anything I've ever seen. As silly as it mind sound, I've found them to be their own breed of comedy that I honestly can't get enough of. Seriously, check these guys out and don't get too scared of Nick's evil eye and his """"""""PURE""""""""INTENSITY"""""""".

It seems that I'm not the only one completely in love with 'Hot Tracks', as Soapbox Pictures has taken it upon themselves to document the daily lives of Nick and J.B. to tell their side of the story. The documentary is set for the end of January and I couldn't be more excited.

Someone needs to get these guys a legit TV show, because there's definitely something special with them

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