Jan 28, 2013

Bioshock Infinite Goes All 70's In New Viral Video

I couldn't be more excited for Bioshock Infinite. The first game created one of the most deep and enriching experiences I've had. Whilst the second game couldn't recreate the experience I had with the first chapter, the third game in the series is suiting up to be something unique. Stepping away from the underground city of Rapture where the first two games were based, Bioshock Infinite takes to the skies with the floating city of Columbia.

This video, released by Irrational Games, starts to reveal certain storyline aspects of the game. The video is offered with a retro documentary style, offering some answers regarding the the mysteries of the floating citadel and it's disappearance. With it's sinister tone and talk about secession, I'm looking forward to more updates as the game's launch draws nearer.

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