Jan 29, 2013

Ad Collective Volume 3 - Nike, Deezer, Best Wishes, Neuron Fractal, YoyoMiracle

Ad Collective is a weekly spotlight on creative advertising projects that push the creative envelope. We're not talking mind grating, generic commercials for car insurance and laundry detergent here, rather a spotlight on individuals trying to elevate the art of advertising into more of an art form rather than an exercise in playing it safe and taking no risks.

This week's featured advertising campaigns, in order:
  • Nike's Vapor Trail advert, created by Wieden+Kennedy takes a literal approach to the 'force of nature' expression, showcasing just how much of an impact the all-star soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo has had on the sport.
  • McBess contributed his amazing art style to this kickass animated ad for Deezer, a French website for discovering and sharing music. Fyi, the track is Pop Levi, 'Wannamama.'
  • Eric Beaupré's Best Wishes 2013 is a claymation experiment to wish everyone a great 2013, created in a style similar to that of PES's now viral Western Spaghetti and Fresh Guacamole.
  • Born was created for the Korean advertising company called Neuron Fractal, using water to visualize their ability to bring ideas to life.
  • Macintosh Classic II by YoyoMiracle was an experiment in projection mapping using an established brand. Colorful, chippy and playful, these types of pieces are typically created as samples to sell clients on a companies abilities.

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