Jan 17, 2013

Ad Collective : Amnesty International, Quad, Hawks, Impactist, Johnnie Walker

For our new readers, Ad Collective is a weekly spotlight on creative advertising projects that push the creative envelope. We're not talking mind grating, generic commercials for car insurance and laundry detergent here, rather a spotlight on individuals trying to elevate the art of advertising into more of an art form rather than an exercise in playing it safe and taking no risks.

This week's featured advertising campaigns:
  • Amnesty International's powerful Death Penalty uses a wax based art style to narrate the end of the practice, directed by Pleix.
  • Quad's Acciona features the Phoenix like destruction and rebirth of an indvidual as a smarter, more efficient business owner with a touch of Charlie & The Chocolate Factory.
  • Comedy Central's tongue in cheek faux-documentary promotion for their new channel in South America focuses on the ever more sedentary lifestyles of hawks. Created by Wieden+Kennedy.
  • Impactist's promo for their upcoming 'Undercast Is Overrated' album is an awesome play on using a retro children's book aesthetic and flat shapes to show a daily commute going terribly wrong.
  • Johnnie Walker channels it's inner Shadow Of The Colossus, with a giant awakening in Rio De Janeiro so he can 'Keep Walking(R).'


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