Dec 12, 2012

The Prince And The 108 Demons

I was intrigued by the generically titled, yet fantastic looking 'Feature Film' video that French animator Nicolas L├ęger posted on his account recently, showing an incredible range of of warriors annihilating their foes. After a little bit of research, I found out that this proof of concept video was created for an upcoming 2014 feature animated film being directed by Pascal Morelli (Shuriken School) called The Prince And The 108 Demons, which rang a bell.

The story is based off the famous Chinese 14th century novel, 'Water Margin,' which is as renown for inspiring dozens of comics, animated series and video games with the '108 star' concept, a reference to the number of bandits that gathered at Mount Liang in the story. Suikoden, Outlaw Star, Fist Of The North Star, Seint Seiya and countless other series have used this story as a foundation, just like Journey To The West inspired series like Dragon Ball with the Sun Wukong (Monkey god) concept. If the final film has breathtaking, dynamic animation like this I think I'll start learning some French in anticipation.

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