Dec 11, 2012

The Fantasy Art Of Alex Aparin

We've been on quite the scifi bender as of late in regards to art, so let's switch gears to a little more fantasy, starting with Alex Aparin's illustration prowess. The Moscow based artist struck me with his usage of bright, saturated colors, a visually exciting departure from the more desaturated, grittier realms of Warhammer, Magic The Gathering and other darker fantasy franchises. If there's one thing that Russian concept artists and illustrators all seem to share in common, it's an excellent eye for harmonizing color.

With clients including Hasbro, Paizo (Pathfinder), Fantasy Flight, Wizards Of The Coast and Blizzard, Alex has definitely been around the block a few times, from a freelance standpoint. Check out some more of his colorful illustrations after the break!

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