Dec 9, 2012

The Art Of Pascal Blanche

Pascal Blanche is a French 3D artist that has spent a good chunk of his life and career over at Ubisoft, moving up from a character designer 2001 all the way to Senior Art Director, a role he just recently took up in July. Pascal has also worked prominently as a freelancer, with clients including Autodesk and Wizards Of The Coast.

His personal work has garnered a lot of acclaim, for the fact that he's utilized 3D art effectively as a tool for executing his stylized illustrations. which mix the best of 3D and 2D worlds. Drawing inspiration from Frank Frazetta, Moebius, Simon Bisley, Brom and a slew of other illustrators, his bright, graphic pieces showcase a successful amalgam of combined influences. Check out more Mr. Blanche's work after the break!

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