Dec 21, 2012

The Art Of Kyle Fewell

Take a little 80's and 90's tinged nostalgia, a half dozen cats, a little touch of Miyazaki and a dash of pulp contemporary art, and you get the art of Kyle Fewell. Reminiscent of Sachin Teng's work, the Brooklyn based illustrator's work showcases the outcome of the melting pot nature of the 80's/90's generations in terms of visual influences. If you think about it, the advent of anime, internet and the explosion of home consoles all occurred within the last 3 decades or so.

Kyle Fewell's work brings me back to getting that first Gameboy, watching Akira for the first time and discovering the internet's (And my own) strange obsession with cat pictures. And as a fun fact, it turns out that he was named Kyle because of his father's infatuation with Kyle Reese, John Connor's father from the first Terminator film. Awesome to say the least. Check out more of Kyle's work after the break!

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