Dec 4, 2012

Portal Prelude Is a Graphing Success

Calculators can be used for many things. The stereotype I have of American highschool math and science students comes down to bored video gamers as I've seen a large amount of games, ranging from Super Mario to Pokemon, emulated on equipment I would have killed for during that thursday morning Maths session. Though playing Pokemon Yellow whilst pretending to type in equations was always a dream of mine, I think this emulated tribute to Portal would be something I would kill for even now.

Portal Prelude, a Portal fan game by Builderboy2005, is being run on a TI-83 Plus and TI-84 Plus series of graphing calculators. The game, whilst simple, uses many familiar elements that has made the Valve franchise so popular so far. It's mind-blowing what fans can do when they really get bored on a Friday afternoon!

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