Dec 22, 2012

Hund I Himlen (Dog In Heaven)

This incredible short was a co-production between Danish studios Nørlum and Basmati Films, and is an adaptation of Hanne Kvist's children's book of the same name. The tale follows the journey of Lora and her experiences in a strictly regulated monastery where her only friend, a dog is not allowed.

When things go horribly awry for Lora's friend, she is forced to confront all the rules and conformity that have been strictly enforced for generations in the convent. I really loved the angular style that they used to design all the protagonists, with Lora in particular really reminding me of Laika's Paranorman, and the short itself was truly cute and heartelt. It's a long short at around 25 minutes, but totally worth it in my opinion. Full screen it, kick back and enjoy.

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