Dec 20, 2012

Animation Roundup - Una Furtiva Lagrima, Loosaure, Same

Sometimes a little too much animation goodness heads our way to post, so we'll be doing roundups from now on. Let's kick things off with Carlo Vogele's stop motion short about sad opera music and his curious interest regarding the tragic destiny of fish. Animated in his San Francisco apartment in 2011, the short has gone on to tour internationally, picking up a half dozen accolades at various animation festivals, including Annecy. Check out the poster here!

Loosaure is a fun, bite sized FX exercise created by a small team over at Les Gobelins, narrating a very sudden end to the Dinosaur age. And the catchy music? Created by the San Francisco cover band Pomplamoose, specifically their interpretations of a Lady Gaga track and the Angry Birds theme song.

And last but not least we have Zach Cohen's animated short called 'Same,' created over the course of a five day marathon with the theme of 'Beyond the mirror.' An office worker discovers that fitting in isn't quite as simple as he had envisioned.

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