Nov 15, 2012

Utopians - Como Perder

The Buenos Aires based Argentinian garage band known as the Utopians caught my attention with their pure, unadulterated old school rock sound. By channeling 70's punk, grunge, retro hard rock, new wave and a slew of other retro genres, the band is seeking to bring back the raw sound of rock that has been heading towards oblivion, with the exception of some indie groups. Como Perder (How To Lose) is an awesome example of them channeling all the best elements of the bygone era, mixed with the awesomely warped video treatment by director Ariel Belziti. The video was created by using a mishmash of modified footage from the already bizarre Oliver Stone/Quentin Tarantino movie about two star-crossed psychopaths, Natural Born Killers.

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