Nov 19, 2012

Prelude To Eden By Michel Gagne

Prelude to Eden is a 1995 animation created by Michel Gagne during his time at Don Bluth's animation studio. The animated short is a ground breaking one for the fact that it was the first one to be painted and composited digitally, while still retaining hand drawn, animated frames. The technology developed for this short (Animo) subsequently went on to be used on animated features including The Iron Giant, Space Jam, Osmosis Jones and many to come.

Michel Gagne took it upon himself to restore this short into an HD format and rerelease it 15 years after the fact, after finding out that the original tapes containing the short had become corrupted. Gagne has since contributed to projects including the excellent videogame called 'Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet,' and an animated followup to his famous children's book, 'The Story Of Rex.'

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