Nov 16, 2012

Mortifera Trailer - How To Sell A Comic Right

I've really been on the fence about motion comics, simply for the fact that they typically walk an awkward line between static and animated, which always seemed a little redundant. The Pennsylvania based animation studio called 'More Frames' just released this teaser for an upcoming comic called Mortifera, placing emphasis on turning action segments into actual fully animated scenes to give them that much needed, exciting oomph. The animation is set to the awesomely unsettling music of Camille Saint-SaĆ«ns's incredible classic composition, The Danse Macabre.

The comic stars two sibling demon hunters who are part of a medieval order called The Mortifera, known for using the dark arts to banish their unholy rivals throughout a medieval European setting. The first issue is now out via Sea Lion Books, so get your hands on a copy!

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