Nov 13, 2012

Indie Spotlight - The Iconoclasts By Konjak Games

I missed out on being an early adopter of the hype behind Fez, or buying into those mind blowing early stages of Minecraft coming together in pre-alpha. Yet with Konjak's 'The Iconoclasts,' I feel like I've stumbled into something truly wonderful taking form, and was even more surprised to see that the prolific developer behind the game, Joakim Sandberg was offering free tastes of the game in the form of free alpha versions with 15-30 minutes of gameplay. Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity to give this game a spin immediately, and was pleasantly surprised by what I saw (The video above features me playing the first ten minutes of the game).

I've always been a fan of Metroid/Castlevania style games which despite being 2D, still offered massive maps, plenty of backtracking, engrossing combat and pseudo-RPG elements to keep you going. From what I had a chance to experience, the game narrates the story of Robin, a mechanic living in a universe where her craft is outlawed. The Iconoclasts takes small queues from all of these games, while throwing in a sprinkling of Cave Story and even crafting. With a truly awesome looking sprite aesthetic, great music and fun gameplay,  If Joakim offered people a chance to invest into the game ahead of time, I'd be first in line to show this game some support as I truly feel that the 2D exploration genre hasn't had much love over the last few years (Shadow Complex excluded). I'd highly recommend checking out the free alpha versions that Joakim has put out, which you can get over on Check out the 2012 trailer after the break!


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