Nov 29, 2012

Guillame Singelin's 80's Heroes

Snake Plisken : Escape From New York/LA (Via)
I was delighted to see this series of awesome 80's movie badasses after being run through the stylized filter of the French illustrator with his chunky, pseudo anime style. Guillame did a fantastic job capturing the attitude and feel of all these iconic protagonists, ranging from Bladerunner's Deckard to the hilarious John Nada from They Live.

Despite being an amazing set of nostalgia inducing illustrations, the series kind of made me realize just how much less memorable protagonists have become over the last decade or so, despite Kurt Russell making up about 70% of all memorable movie characters in the 80's (Where's Jack Burton from Big Trouble In Little China, Guillame?). Check out more of his awesome protagonist interpretations after the break!

Rick Deckard : Bladerunner

John Nada : They Live

R.J. MacReady : The Thing

Sarah Jeannette Connor : Terminator 1-2

Ellen Ripley : Aliens Franchise

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