Oct 19, 2012

You Should Read - The Massive

What does it mean to be an environmentalist after the world’s already ended? This is the question that Brian Wood's 2012 comic, 'The Massive' presents. The story revolves around the environmental action trawler Kapital, which is scouring the earth’s oceans for it's missing sister ship: The Massive, while struggling to redefine its core mission.

I've been reading Brian Wood's masterfully crafted comic since it's debut, and whilst the story may not be for everyone it's a book I would highly recommend because of it's amazing art, original story and atmosphere. Linked above is the official animated comic adaptation released by Dark Horse, and part two can be watched after the break. They're a great taste of what the comic is about, but I'd still highly recommend tracking down the back issues and giving it a proper read.

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