Oct 29, 2012

The Painterly Art Of Peleng

I'm sure that Peleng (Sergey Kolesov) has definitely been enjoying the attention following the launch of Arkane Studios' critically acclaimed Dishonored, having played a big part in shaping the visual style of the game. In collaboration with art director Viktor Antonov (Best known previously for Half Life 2), Sergey worked externally as a freelancer from his home base in the Czech Republic to shape the look of the world that Corvo inhabits.

As well as being incredibly prolific with regular updates, Sergey always experiments with new techniques and approaches for digital painting, never sticking to the comfort zone that most artists fall into. His work is more on the painterly, implied side rather than overly rendered, implying that he has great control over how much visual information he needs to put down for something to read. The result is a portfolio with an amazing amount of variety, and all his pieces have a great sense of personality to them. Check out a small sampling of his more finished pieces after the break, and I'd highly recommend browsing his sketches and speedpaint section on his website.

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