Oct 4, 2012

The Art Of Tomio Kajiro

If there's one thing that I've come to discover about Japanese artists after a year and a half or so of art hunting, it's that they really don't put much other than their work out there. Their profiles are typically bare, simply displaying the bare minimum..The artists name and if I get lucky, their gender. In that case I typically turn to looking at their work to try and get a better idea, and at least Tomio definitely showcases his interests upfront in his work, which is excellent. A visual profile perhaps, of things he loves.

From what I could glean, Tomio is a sneakerhead, at times illustrating pictures of coveted, limited edition Nike Air runs and other kicks which run for hundreds/thousands of dollars a pop. Other reoccurring things I gleaned included highly geometric architecture, Capcom aesthetics and...Pimped out unicorns. Like most Japanese digi-artists, there's an undercurrent of Anime influence running through his work, but I always gravitate towards the people who use it in a less mainstream fashion, incorporating new elements or experimental rendering styles into the equation. Tomio falls into that camp, and I hope you enjoy the rest of his awesome work after the break!

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