Oct 30, 2012

The Art Of Nic Ponim

Some concept artists take the route of being jack of all trades, in an attempt to be more marketable as a well rounded asset, while others choose to focus on one aspect and just get really damn good at it. Polish artist Nic Ponim falls into the latter, having chosen to focus specifically on environmental illustrations and all it entails, ranging from mastering lighting scenarios to color theory.

When you think about it, painting environments is pretty daunting to those inexperienced with it. Having to juggle a few dozen factors at once is no easy task, until you get a process down. Here's a partial list of things to think about when painting an environment : Value, color harmony, lighting color, lighting direction, shape language, depth of field, composition and focal. Pretty mind blowing, huh? Yet with a few years of practice, these elements become second nature. Check out more of Nic's work after the break!

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