Oct 24, 2012

Silhouettes From Popular Culture By Olly Moss

We recently received an advance copy of Olly Moss' upcoming art book debut, 'Silhouettes From Popular Culture.' Having featured Olly's work about a half dozen times since AwesomeRobo came online (The last being his excellent Dark Knight Rises poster), we were honored to get a sneak peek at what his debut book had to offer, and invite you to check out the gorgeous book in our video preview.

The beautiful 144 page book, which featured a fabric cover and was decorated with gold colored print is a celebration of famous characters in pop culture, presented in a silhouette style reminiscent of Victorian era silhouette portraits. Olly did a fantastic job presenting classic characters in this new style, whilst still keeping them recognizable, and the end result reminds you about what made these characters so memorable. I'd highly recommend preordering a copy of 'Silhouettes from Popular Culture' before it comes out on the 30th, as it's obviously a labor of love by the English graphic designer/illustrator. Highly recommended.

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