Oct 7, 2012

Shinken Arts' Lucha No Libre

I've been a huge fan of the colorful, over the top world of Lucha Libre for years now. Unlike some other wrestling organizations around the world, Lucha does not try to hide that it's less of a sport and more of a performance art, allowing them to push the boundaries of their characters and antics. Shinken Arts (Koh Cheng Kuan), a Malaysian artist based out of Kuala Lumpur decided to point his attention towards the sport, applying his signature 'box head' style to a wide range of imaginary wrestlers. These pieces were all created for a private collection in Mexico.

Inspired by Manga, Anime and a slew of Western Cartoons, Koh has dedicated the last few years applying his boxy treatment to a slew of pop culture icons from around the world, calling them his 'Pandora's Box' creations. From what I understood about Koh's artistic statement, his characters represent the silver lining and hope in a world where Pandora's Box has already been opened. Check out more of his Lucha creations after the break!

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