Oct 20, 2012


Created as a tribute to his father, Matthew Labaye's Orgesticulanisumus explores breaking away from the constrictions that would otherwise hold you down, and figuring out a new way to express yourself. In this case, Benoit Labaye (Matthew's father) suffered from a disease that over time removed his mobility, but he never gave up in spirit. As he put it towards the end (Translated):

'Sure, the stillness, the handicap, brings you to the conclusion and to the gradual acceptance that there's a certain number of things that you can't do. But conversely I think it opens a whole bunch of new possibilities, notably with inner freedom, inner space, but also with the way you can come in contact, in relation with others. I think there is in the handicap, in the disease, a lot of potential. The human being is inexhaustible at the level of desire, of energy, of inner strength. And it's something you discover with maybe more urge, more intensity, when you're deprived of movement.'

The beautiful animation goes into that aspect, breaking away from having limited motion to finding a new way to still enjoy life via inner strength. Absolutely loved the message, and the energy conveyed.

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