Sep 3, 2012

Scout Vs Witch - More Source Filmmaker Goodness

Most people predicted that it would take a few months for people to become equated with Source Filmmaker before we started getting professional looking videos from the general public and it's oh so true. Scout Vs Witch is a simple idea but showcases the kind of powerful tools that Valve has placed into the hands of Steam users. This franchise mashup features the Scout from Team Fortress 2 facing off against the zombies & infected from one of Valves other big hitting franchises Left 4 Dead. This stylish video has got it all: action, great animation and special effects, coupled with top notch clever usage of already existing voice clips from the games.

It's an entertaining, fun watch, and a taste of even better things to come as people get more acquainted with using the software. If you're by any chance familiar with the South Korean revenge flick called 'Old Boy,' a certain sequence in this short will definitely put a smile on your face.

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