May 28, 2012

The Model Kit Universe Of Dokuzaru

Godfather IV (Via)
Did you know that Geocities still exists in Japan? Well I was baffled by this discovery myself, and I still have no recollection of how I ran into Dokuzaru's archive of incredible miniature mashups. I recall seeing his work, before realizing that he had been published in Hyperweapon, a yearly collection of fantastic custom modelkit mashups from the best in the hobby.

The Geocities blog, which dates back to 2007 features all his odd experimental pieces, stories behind his models and his process for creating them (Just remember to use Google Translate). I thought it was pretty damn cool to see how these types of customs were created, by mashing together a large number of odds and ends from various model kits, electronic junk and other sources. Check out a large selection of his awesome work after the break!

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