May 14, 2012

AwesomeRobo Shop: Now Open!

Designs by Dan Hipp and Reyyy! (Via)
After 6 months of working our butts off, it looks like our AwesomeRobo shop is finally open for business! The idea came sometime around November of last year, when working on a post about the art of Dan Hipp, one of us said, 'This guy's designs would make for some amazing shirts.' And that simple statement set a 6 month process in motion of working with a select group of artists to create a Tshirt line. We currently have 6 designs in hand, and we look forward to unveiling them over the next few months. We were proud to give these artists a chance to show off what their style was about with their shirts, as they all had a unique style to offer.

If you purchase a shirt from our store you'll be directly contributing to help us expand AwesomeRobo, and you shall gain our neverending gratitude! You'll be helping us make our dream come true. We've been volunteer run since day one, but we needed to find a way to help us expand without plastering our website with ads. By pooling our funds together, we were able to put together our Awesome Shop, which we hope you've checked out by now. We've put together some info and behind the scenes after the break! Check it out and spread the word.

The first two artists we worked with were Dan Hipp (Who spawned the entire idea) and Reyyy, a Seattle based artist with a fantastic style that we covered months back. The rule we followed is that we had to choose artists we had previously covered on the blog. Dan Hipp chose to take our mascot and interpret it as an Iron Giant-esque massive robo, defending the city from an all new menace whereas Reyyy took a more fanart route, mashing up Samus, Megaman and Roll into 'Rollus.'

Early iterations on Dan Hipp's awesome DOOM! shirt (Via)
We learned a ton during the process of working with these artists to come up with the designs, and even while making the shirts and collaborating with the printers. We gained an all new appreciation for what these guys do.

All that work finally coming to fruition. Now go check out our store!

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