Dec 16, 2014

The Art of Vitaly Medvedovsky

Vitaly Medvedovsky's paintings are the very definition of picturesque. A Ukrainian-born alumni of OCAD and Concordia University, Medvedovsky aspires, and succeeds, in cultivating a rich inner mythology coursing all throughout the body of his work.

Arctic labyrinths, impossible attic spaces with no end, and the husks of bi-planes strewn about empty airspaces littered with the remnants of a long-dead world. It's as if his subjects reside within a truman show-esque simulacra of half-reality that's nested within the foggy borders of a half-forgotten dream. Occasionally, from time to time, an inhabitant might manage to peek past the curtain to catch a fleeting glimpse of the edges surrounding this whimsical paracosm of otherworldly delights.

The muted vibrancy of Medvedovsky's colors and the elegant simplicity of his compositions bring to mind comparisons to Jonathan Blow's upcoming video-game The Witness. Beautifully impressionistic, pop-surrealist storybook illustrations underscored with an almost rockwellian aura of poignance and solemnity. Check past the break for more of his work over this past year, with more paintings in-progress to come!

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