Dec 11, 2014

TF2 Short 'End of the Line' is a Testament To the Power of Fans

Fourteen Minutes. That's how long this latest Team Fortress 2 short is. Fourteen minutes; painstakingly modeled, textured, choreographed and edited together by a stalwart team of twelve incredible fans. Not to mention an awesome tie-in update with new in-game hats, costumes and weaponry courtesy of sixteen equally awesome fans. This film's got everything; Drama, comedy, tension, spectacular stunts, cinematic references up the wazoo (The Great Escape, The Shining, Spider-man 2, Super 8 and A Fistful of Dollars to name a few) and a climatic finale that's as tense as it is hilarious. Check out the 'End of Line' community event page here. Bravo guys, Valve would be wise to keep their eyes on you!

Ryan Wardlow's impressive poster art available here 

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