Dec 9, 2014

'Sidera' is a Dandy Gal In Space

Sidera is one of four short animation clips produced by France-based production team Catfish Deluxe and Yapiko Animation for Julien Neel's latest film Lou! Journal infime. In the film, Lou is a shy but thoughtful young girl with a profound imagination.

As she charts the uneasy road of her early adolescence Lou retreats to the comfort of her sketchbook where her sci-fi alter-ego mother Sidera blasts across the galaxy in her Space Whale-ship and rides bodybuilding My Little Pony centaurs across sugar-coated dunes of dessert (get it?) planets.

Can you say, "New Background Image"?
Honestly, this is one of the most imaginative short animations I've seen in a long time. Beautiful backgrounds, hilarious character designs, and awesome space action abound. I'm getting a heavy Space Dandy meets Gurren Lagaan meets Stephen Universe vibe off of this.

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