Dec 8, 2014

No Man's Sky's Latest 'Game Awards' Trailer is a Feast for The Senses

Last Week's The Game Awards ceremony premiered a buffet table of game-play trailers and announcements. Among them was a new trailer for No Man's Sky, the procedurally-generated sci-fi exploration indie-darling that stole so many a gamer's heart at last year's VGX awards. We've already given Hello Games' sci-fi opus props numerous times in the past, but this game just can't help looking better and better as time goes on.
I'm getting a major Roger Dean vibe off of this trailer

Take the clean and charming simplicity of procedural games like Minecraft and Cube World, the pastel-rich saturation of Eskil Steenberg's expermimental MMO Love, and combine it with the fine-aged game-play of Lucas Arts' Tie-Fighter and you've got one of the most visually-provocative titles that's come along in a long while. If someone could have recorded a video of my face while watching this, I'd probably look like David Bowman entering the star-gate in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Gobsmacked.

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