Dec 28, 2014

Adult Swim Release Some More Sick Tunes With 'Ghostly Swim 2'

Outside of mind-throttlingly bizarre animation and general craziness, Adult Swim is also known for its keen curatorial sense of music. Intent to keep their finger on the pulse of the emerging ambient electronic and indie hip-hop scene, the folks at Williams Street started their own in-house label imprint dubbed Williams Street Records in 2007 and have steadily grown a reputation for releasing both [AS]-related retail releases as well as annual free mix-tapes partnering with some of their favorite major labels and producers.

This Christmas Eve, Williams Street released their second collaborative tape with Michigan-based electronic label Ghostly International, known for such artists as Gold Panda, Tycho and Phantogram. The first Ghostly Swim album was one of my favorites back in 2008 and, after giving this one a spin since release, the follow-up is just as notable. So far, my favorites are Anenon's Grapevine, Dauwd's Kolido, CFCF's Oil, and Nautiluss' Lonely Planet. Listen and download the album for free off their website here!

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