Dec 9, 2014

Adr1ft is "Gravity: The Video-Game" and That Alone is Worth Being Excited

I think we're sorely in need of games that emulate and creatively capitalize off of the inherent euphoria of weightlessness. With the exception of a couple games like Shattered Horizons, Gravity Rush, and Aether, the majority of our high-fantasy and sci-fi titles are grounded stubbornly on Terra Firma. That's where Adr1ft comes in.

What makes Adr1ft so promising in my eyes, aside from the impressive visuals and keen design choice for full-body awareness, is that it looks like a true dyed-in-the-wool survival-horror game. Not in the sense of fending off lumbering monstrosities or marauding flesh-ghouls, but through navigating and surviving a perpetually hostile terrain that remains utterly indifferent to the plight of your well-being. No release date as of yet, but you should definitely count this as a title to look forward to!

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