Jul 2, 2014

Worth Checking Out - "Gods Will Be Watching"

Seriously developers, keep the point-and-clicks coming, they're only getting better! Deconstructeam's Gods Will Be Watching is an interesting and brutal take on the point-and-click adventure formula, putting players in the midst of multiple moral dilemmas. Every choice you make has consequences, and as seen by the above trailer, some of those consequences are a bit brutal. 

The narrative based puzzles in Gods Will Be Watching aren't to be taken lightly, as each choice will directly effect you and your team. What's interesting is the game's focus on you and your teams relationship, creating tense moments that will force players to decide to save the lives of your team members or the lives of thousands more.

Gods Will Be Watching is an incredibly intriguing take on moral choice in games, and while it's difficult to judge the game's focus it's characters the in-game choices shown provide plenty of potential for experimentation for different outcomes. Gods Will Be Watching is set to release on steam July 24th. If you're interested in giving the demo a go, check out their website over here.

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