Jul 13, 2014

"The Last Fiction" - An Initial Glimpse At Iran's Feature Animation Industry

While the media has made it a point to regularly convey Iran as a one dimensional country obsessed with nuclear power, the country actually has an amazing arts scene that we've been following for a while. They've made some amazing strides in the international movie industry, including 2010's critically acclaimed Farewell Baghdad and 2011's drama A Separation winning an Academy Award.

This week brings us a new chapter in Iran's attempt to capture international audiences with The Last Fiction- a production by Hoorakhsh Studio, founded in 2005. The initial trailer is showing some amazing promise so far as a historical feature, employing a realistic hand animated style with a palpable sense of epic scale.

Adapted from a 1,000 year old epic poem called Shahnama (The Book of Kings), The Last Fiction is based off of one of the country's highest regarded literary masterpieces, chronicling the rise of the Persian empire. The movie itself will actually focus on the tale of Kaveh, a blacksmith who leads a revolt against a ruthless, despotic foreign ruler with mythical powers called Zahhak.

As of now it's unknown how far off the movie is from release, but considering the quality of animation so far, I'm really excited to see what these guys will be able to accomplish. Check out a look into Hooraksh's animation studio after the break, to get a rare glimpse at how Iran's young animators and artists work.

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