Jul 12, 2014

The Art Of Jacob Rebelka

Straight out of the not so well known Polish comic scene comes the work of Jacob Rebelka, a 23 year old freelance artist and illustrator with a really awesome style to boot. Unlike most comic artists these days, Rebelka's work is still mostly grounded in analog mediums- Pencils, pens and acrylic paints, offering his work a more 'tangible' feel compared to most digital work we run into.

 You can see the texture of the paper he's working on, the smudges and mistakes that are left over following a lengthy production of a piece of art, the accidental folds and crinkles on his canvases. Instead of erasing them after scanning up his pieces, they become an integral part of his work.

While a majority of his pieces are firmly within the realm of scifi, he occasionally dabbles in fantasy work as well outside of his comic duties. Rebelka's been nominated with plenty of accolades in Poland for work on influential local comics like Oskar and Red Dwarf (Unrelated to the scifi series). More awesome pieces after the break.

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