Jul 4, 2014

Jérémie Périn Returns With "Fantastic Capote And Wonder Capote" (NSFW)

I have to say, French animator Jérémie Périn really tends to outdo himself in the NSFW meter with every animated short he puts out (With the exception of his amazing retro homage Starr Mazer). While his realm of specialty has typically been centered around more musical affairs, this latest animated promo is more in the PSA arena, promoting safe sex via 'capote' (condom) usage.

The idea seems pretty straight forward, but in the typical Jérémie Périn style he found a way to make it as unintentionally disturbing as possible. In a city inhabited by a whole slew of genitals, two heroes make it their mission to protect the populace from various nasty bugs with their message of 'play it safe.' If you're curious to check out some more of Périn's even more noteworth work, check out his incredible (And incredibly NSFW) music video for DYE's Fantasy.

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